Letters from Thailand

{February 19, 2008}   Eating Poo Again!

I’ve just started a ‘Health and Nutrition’ project with my class at school and yesterday we looked at the food pyramid. What follows is part of a discussion about the dairy/egg part of the pyramid:

Me: So, all these foods: milk, cheese and butter, are dairy foods. Who can tell me where we get dairy foods from?

Student a: Supermarket.

Student b: Cows!

Me: Very good, student b. That’s right. We get our dairy foods from cows. Now what about eggs?

Student a: Chickens make eggs.

Me: Excellent, student a.

Student b (standing up and miming something coming out of his bottom): Eggs are the poo from chickens!

Me: Not exactly student b. Do you eat eggs?

Student b: Yes.

Me: And your mum and dad? Do they eat eggs?

Student b: Yes.

Me: Do you really think your mum and dad would make you eat poo?

Student b: Um, I guess not.

Me: Ok, moving on. Now, what about these foods (sugary, fatty foods) What happens when we eat too much of these?

Student c: It makes us poo.

Me: Well, all foods make us go to the toilet, but some do so more than others.

By the way, if anyone can help me explain what an egg is without resorting to reproduction, your tips are most welcome! Luckily this time nobody asked, but I’m sure it will come up at some point!


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