Letters from Thailand

{September 28, 2007}   Another Long Break!

God, I am so crap at this.  Always have been.  I used to get diaries for Christmas when I was a kid to encourage me to keep a journal (actually found some from the awkward teenage years a few months ago which made for entertaining reading) but the novelty always wore off a few weeks into the new year.  I think I made it through to the beginning of March once, and this was the record.

Anyway, a brief rundown of the past six weeks:

GOOD STUFF  – Spent a couple of weekends outside of Bangkok recently, first to a friend’s lovely home near Pattaya to celebrate her birthday, the next a whole 3 days in Koh Samui, visiting a few friends.  As an island, I’m not particularly fond of Samui.  I only really go there to catch up with my friends who live there, but this time I felt really chilled and the stress of work that has been recently manifesting itself in physical symptoms, such as a sore throat and aching joints, all but disappeared (they did come back as soon as I landed in BKK again, though).  Another friend, who used to live here and was my dependable partner in crime for a while, came back for a visit, so it was great to catch up with her again.  I’ve also booked a short trip to Hong Kong for this weekend and am looking forward to renewing more old friendships there.

LESS GOOD STUFF- It was my nephew’s second birthday a few weeks ago, and I missed the party.  I did call and ended up getting a tad ’emotional’.  My love/hate relationship with BKK is definitely going through a latter phase at the moment.  I really hope it passes soon.


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