Letters from Thailand

{August 10, 2007}   It’s been a while!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted.  I have to thank English Girl in Isaan for reminding me that I still exist.

Either it’s a sign that I’m way to busy, or I’ve had nothing to write about.  Work-wise things have been pretty hectic as my assistant has left me (sob!) for a much better paid job (I begged her to take me with her!) and teachers keep dropping dead with man-flu (at least that is what I am assuming in my less charitable moments.)  But enough of the shop talk.

In the last month I’ve also grown another year.  I had a fun night out with the gang (VLT wasn’t there, which made the evening!) and my best friend from Samui also came up for a visit.  We went out to Thaipaz for dinner, which was yummy, and then on to Soi 4.  It was here that I finally realised that I have reached an age where it is better to add on a few years for the sake of the ego, resulting in a mass of compliments about how wonderful I was looking for 40.  On a less fun note, the evening ended with friend from Samui and myself having a bit of a teenage girly argument.  Still, all was either resolved or forgotten the next day.

Last Saturday was spent away from the usual haunts and in the Chatuchak area, which was great fun.  I met some fab new people and boogied the night away to 80s music.  Later, we returned home to Silom where I swapped make-up tips with my two new best friends – fabulous Euro drag queens (actually there were 3 of them, but one of them was a sullen cow from Manchester who got the hump when I asked her if her dreadlocks smelled – oops!)

Finally, last week was another out-of-town English camp.  This time in Lampang.  Accomodation was definitely an improvement on Korat-hole, but the kids were just as great.  In fact, I was sorely tempted to adopt most of them.

So that’s my life last month.  Summed up in four paragraphs.  How my old English teacher would be impressed with the improvement in my precis skills.


Darling, start calling your agent. You’re on FwAB TV…

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