Letters from Thailand

{June 25, 2007}   I Want My Mummy!

I have just spent a day lying in bed with a nasty cold & stomach bug.  Why is it that no matter how old and independent I am, illnesses – even the most minor ones – make me feel like I want to be tucked up in my childhood bed with mummy mopping my brow and bringing me Lucozade & Heinz Cream of Tomato soup?

Doesn’t help that this lurgy hit me on a Saturday night (why not a school night?!) which meant I couldn’t go out to play, and on the Sunday morning one of my closest neighbours (Kosmo Mansions is situated in a tower block, so all neighbours are close!)  chose to start banging nails into his wall at 8:00 am, and was obviously trying to re-create a bombed-out mode of decor as the banging did not stop until 4:00 pm.  Eight hours!!!!

It is now Monday morning, and am feeling a little better.  Well enough to leave Kosmo Mansions, anyway.  The building management have decided that today’s the day when some unnecessary work is carried out which means switching off the electricity for 6 hours.  Not the best time or place to be ill at the moment, but it’s back to work tomorrow, which means, naturally, my nose will no longer be stuffed up and everything else will be back to normal.  Bloody typical!


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