Letters from Thailand

{June 15, 2007}   Back in the Land of Smiles (and Mine’s the Biggest!)

And loving every minute of it.  The great thing about returning to a country is that you are aware of all the quirks and foibles of a place, and this means that you can be mellow about all the things that used to piss you off.  Believe me, there were things here that  pissed me off big time, but now I find myself shrugging my shoulders and, my god, even laughing about them!  I never dreamed I’d become mellow in my old-age.  In fact, I’ve always hated mellow.  Give me a firey temperament any day – you know where you are with firey.  Mellow, to me, was only one step away from death.  No more do I slam taxi doors in the faces of their drivers when they refuse to take me to a destination because of ‘traffic’.  Now I smile sweetly, laugh to myself that he’s (and it’s always a he) lost a fare and skip in my high heels towards the next one.  Whereas before I would feel uncomfortable passing a security guard saluting me and clicking his heels, wanting to shake him and tell him in no uncertain terms that I didn’t deserve that kind of obsequious treatment, I now treat him to a beaming smile, give the ole butt a bit of a wiggle and wave at him.  In fact, I have not felt the slightest bit of anger towards the biggest incompetencies here, not one iota. 

What the hell is wrong with me?


Darling! how wonderful that Kosmogal’s service can resume as normal. Will be looking forward to reading the rest of your adventures. Make those high heels click and sound, there’s nothing wrong with you.

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