Letters from Thailand

{May 22, 2007}   What Am I Doing Here?

It has now been 2 days since my favourite frog plied me with champagne and coerced me into starting this blog malarkey.  Ok, I admit that, in my tipsy state it was a good idea at the time, but now, in the cold, sober light of day, I have to find interesting and witty things to say.  And that’s the hard part.

You see, I don’t consider myself sufficiently knowledgeable about a subject (any subject) to offer an opinion on it, for fear of appearing to be an utter pillock.  In real-life discussions among friends I am most likely to just sit back and listen to their topic of conversation and hope to learn something (provided said topic is of interest to me, otherwise I just sit back and contemplate more urgent matters such as the state of my eyebrows at the moment.)  Furthermore, if pressed to make a contribution to the discussion (a question demanding a yes or no answer, for example) I lose all credibility by contradicting myself hundreds of times due to a pathalogical disease to please all by appearing to agree with them, which really does make me look like an utter pillock!

In fact, there are only a few occasions when I can be confident in giving an opinion of my own;  They include:

  • Bitching about people I don’t like.
  • Bitching about people I pretend to like.
  • Bitching about people I like but who don’t like me
  • Bitching about people I like but who occasionally do things that piss me off.
  • Bitching about people I read about in magazines.

This means that my top 4 topics are off-limits, just in case I get caught.  And Perez Hilton has already cornered the market for number 5 (and a wonderful job he does, too!)  which leaves me with nothing of substance to say!

I guess I could start to write about my new life in Thailand (when I eventually get there!) but this too is not without drawbacks – I could only give an oversanitized version of events in case my mum sees this!

So, there we have it:  The start of a potentially deadly boring blog until I get myself some therapy or learn how to upload interesting pictures.


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